Agility is on everyone's lips and is seen as the bringer of salvation in an increasingly complex world. But what exactly does agility mean for the organization? What attitudes are associated with it? Which values? What are the procedures? What effort can be expected?

I am happy to support companies and organizations with interactive teaching formats of 2 to 4 hours duration on agile topics. Also available as a webinar.


  • What is Scrum?
  • What purpose does Scrum serve?
  • What values and attitudes are required?
  • How does the process work in the Scrum framework?
  • How can Scrum be mapped to the current requirements?
  • What benefits does it generate?


Kanban is a procedure that has the claim to cause an evolutionary change in a company.

Why? Because Kanban forces a focus, creates transparency at any time, increases teamwork and records achievements. How exactly this works, you will learn in the Mini-Workshop.

Collegial leadership

Is a basic component of agile organizational development and was developed by Bernd Oestereich and Claudia Schröder.

In order to make decisions quickly and confidently in a complex environment, different structures and routines are required than in the usual classic hierarchical organization.

The mini-workshop will tell you exactly what these are and how a change process can be carried out.