With my offer I would like to open the view on structures and attitudes that facilitate the way to a world as a place of individual and collective development. The focus is on wholeness, the awareness of alternating patterns and meaningful work. Security results from reflection and associated learning outcomes.


Values distinguish the important from the irrelevant.

They provide orientation in the direction of our actions and also belong to the characteristics of a culture. That in turn acts as a pulling force for people of similar values, because every organisation is a community of values. 

The following values guide me in my work:


To reinvent yourself again and again. Perceiving signals. Making and shaping decisions.

Autonomy in interdependence

With respect and consideration for all stakeholders. Always at the service of my clients, while remaining independent.


Together with the customer. Complementary consulting. I.e. sometimes as conceptual or advisory consulting and sometimes as process consulting.


Laughter liberates in every way and helps to let go the ego.