From theory to practice

The idea

The scientific context does not let me go.

At the end of the 1990s I worked as a lecturer for the University of Hamburg and the Open University of Hagen in the field of work and organizational psychology.

Today I am a tutor for the private distance learning university Euro FH in the Bachelor and Master course of studies in business psychology. Scientific work increases concentration and structured thinking. Furthermore, I come into contact with interesting research articles.

I would like to share my research findings, but only the practical knowledge in a pointed manner which arised for organisations and for the people who form the system.

Finding 1

In order to become a group able to perform, moderation and as a result reflection and interventions are indispensable.

(Schuster, R.J.2016. Optimierung des Arbeitsprozesses einer Arbeitsgruppe. Gruppe, Interaktion, Organisation, 47,181-191.)

Finding 2

Employee orientation as well as friendliness and respect of executives towards employees is important to positively influence their ability to work.

(Prümper & Becker. 2011. Freundliches und respektvolles Führungsverhalten und die Arbeitsfähigkeit von Beschäftigten. Fehlzeiten-Report. S.37-47. Berlin Heidelberg:Springer)

Finding 3

Employees, including unskilled workers, can increase their well-being through job crafting, i.e. by modifying work tasks, interpersonal relationships or attitudes to work.

(Tim et al.2013. the impact of job crafting on job demands, job resources, and well-being. Journal of occupational health psychology, 18(2), 230-240.)

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